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The Beginners Sensory Wine Tasting will awaken your senses whilst introducing you to the nuances and techniques of learning to taste like a pro. Book today.


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Unleash your inner sommelier and embark on a sensory adventure with our Beginners Sensory Wine Tasting Course. Learn the art of wine tasting and develop your palate in a fun and interactive way. Discover different grape varieties, explore aromas and flavours, and gain confidence in your wine selections.  Can you tell the difference between red, white and rose?  Of course you can, but what if we hide the colour? Led by our expert tutors, our Beginners  Sensory Wine Tasting  ensures that you develop a solid foundation in Wine Tasting principles.

Our interactive course is designed to challenge your senses and transform the way you experience wine.  Join us for an unforgettable journey,  discovering how to taste wine like a pro.. Book a Beginners Sensory Wine tasting today!

Master the Systematic Approach to wine Tasting

Leave your preconceptions at the door. Our interactive course is designed to challenge your senses and transform the way you experience wine. It all begins with a blind ISO Wine Glass tasting, where the identity of each wine remains concealed. This unique approach allows you to trust your own nose and palate, enhancing your ability to truly appreciate the complexities of each sip rather than just the visual aspects that most of us rely on.

Did you know that grape varieties possess consistent flavour profiles, aromas and characteristics wherever they are grown in the world?  Pinot Noir delights with hints of Strawberries or mushrooms when older and Sauvignon Blanc reminds us of Elderflower and Gooseberry. We use smells (fruits, herbs, spices) to bring alive the aromas associated with these grape varieties.

You will be introduced to the most important Wine Tasting Tool of the Wine world through the Systematic Approach to Wine tasting.  From sweetness to acidity, from tannins to alcohol level, you’ll master the building blocks that shape a wine’s profile.  Our expert tutor will guide you through the carefully chosen wines, showcasing the unique profile that is specific to each grape variety,

Once you understand  the building blocks of wine tasting, we will begin to unveil the art of food and wine pairing through matching various nibbles with the wines.

What will I learn on the Beginners Sensory Wine Tasting?

  • New World and Old World wines
  • Systematic approach to wine tasting
  • Which Reds to keep and why
  • Wine & Food pairing rules
  • Why certain wines work better with food than others and more
  • How Terrior can change the taste of the same grape

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The Beginners Sensory Wine Tasting is a fun and informative introduction to Wine Tasting.   You will develop your senses by becoming familiar with the Systematic Approach to Wine Tasting and enjoy your glass of wine so much more.

You will taste 6 -7 wines during the blind tasting

There is always a mix of individual and group bookings and we always make sure you are seated with someone else. Our courses are friendly and informal and you will be made to feel welcome  and at ease in no time.

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