Champagne & Sparkling Wine Masterclass


Join our popular Champagne & Sparkling Wine Masterclass & enhance your understanding and appreciation of Champagne and Sparkling Wine. Am Eye opening experience and lots of fun discovering your new favourites!

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2.15 hours

Cheese Plate & Charcuterie

Dukes of Sussex, Bankside
Brooks Mews Wine House, Mayfair

From £135.00

Champagne & Sparkling Wine Masterclass

Explore the diverse range of sparkling wines and discover that there’s more to celebrate than just champagne. Gain insider knowledge and expert tips to navigate the world of bubbles.  From English Fizz to Cremant or Champagne, you’ll be able to confidently choose the perfect bottle for any mood, food pairing, and occasion sipping with friends and colleagues.

Join our Champagne & Sparkling Wine masterclass and enhance your understanding and appreciation of champagne and sparkling wine.


Become a savvy fizz connoisseur and unlock the secrets of bubbly

Ever wondered about the difference between sparkling wine and champagne?  We will explore the key production styles of sparkling wines versus champagne and what makes each of them unique. You will discover that different styles are perfect for different moods, foods, and occasions. Champagne isn’t always your best bet as many factors play a role when picking the best bubbles for any occasion.

We’re also eager to share insider tips to guide you when buying for special occasions  like weddings and  celebrations, or simply treating yourself.  Our champagne & sparkling wine masterclass will equip you with valuable insights on where to spend your money wisely and how to get the most bang for your buck at any price point.

We can’t wait to see you there!


Styles to discover during the Sparkling Wine & Champagne Masterclass:

  • Cava, Prosecco
  • Cremant De Loire
  • New World Bubbly
  • English Sparkling Wine
  • Champagne styles
  • Vintage Champagne and more

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The Champagne  & Sparkling Wine Masterclass is suitable for anyone looking to get a deeper understanding of the various Champagne and Sparkling Wine styles around the world. If you love bubbles and want a deeper understanding, this course is for you!

You will discover 6-7 different wines during the class

You will also get a cheese plate included in your ticket.

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