Enchanted by Sherry? Are you part of the sherry revolution?

Sherry Seeing a revival as consumption grows in Spain, the UK and further afield for the first time in 30 years. 

Ever since Francis Drake ransacked the port of Cadiz and made off with 3,000 cases of sherry, the Brits have been Spain’s biggest export market.

One of the seven wonders of the wine world and encompassing flavours from almonds to salty caramels to fresh apples, there is a sherry style to suit every taste. From sushi to ice-cream you will find a near perfect food pairing too.

Woefully underappreciated for the last thirty years, the region has been through a painful contraction but is bouncing back largely because of the consistently high quality of wines now being made. Sherry is having its moment in the sun and will be served in numerous guises amongst this summer’s smartest parties. Take a course with The London Wine Academy and get to know some of the most beguiling wines you are ever likely to taste.

Classy, stylish and uniquely Spanish, few drinks can beat a chilled Fino or Manzanilla as a pre-dinner aperitif. If you are eating sushi there is no need to drink anything else! Crisp, dry and tangy what’s not to love?

You may be a fan of strong, nutty earthier flavours in which case an Amontillado served semi-chilled with a mushroom risotto would hit the spot not to mention a soft gooey goat’s cheese. Yummy!

Try pairing fresh complex Palo Cortado; its unique umami character is a match for smokey, game dishes and tangy cheeses such as Idiazabal, a ewe’s cheese from the Basque country.

Powerful, dry and rich Oloroso with its aromas of dried raisins and beeswax works well with a mature Manchego cheese, fine Iberian jamon or a warm Camembert baked in the oven.

But my favourite, tasting like liquid Christmas cake, is the luscious, viscous and amazingly sweet Pedro Ximenez or PX for short, poured over frozen ice cream and finished with raisins soaked overnight in the wine. A taste of heaven, just order the sun!