Wine and Food Matching


Have you ever found yourself overwhelmed by the choice of wines on a restaurant’s wine list, or struggled to pick a bottle off the shelf to have with your dinner? Would you like to be able to choose wines with more confidence? – Then our Gourmet Wine & Food Matching Masterclass is the event for you.

The elegant pairing of food with wines that have the ability to compliment the dishes’ flavours is a valuable skill in professional and social situations, but even real wine buffs sometimes struggle with it. This is why our masterclass is taught by experts who specialise in wine and food matching.

The Event

Our one day Gourmet Wine and Food Matching Masterclass is more than a learning experience. It is an indulgence. You will spend the day in a luxurious environment socialising while tasting gorgeous gourmet food. Our experts will guide you through the course menu. Every course is accompanied by a selection of wines, allowing you to sample the subtle differences and nuances that each wine brings to the individual dish.

Our aim is to equip you with knowledge of the principles that underlie the expert matching of food and wine.

The Result

Instead of learning, or memorising, which wine goes well with certain types of food, you will gain the confidence to choose a wine for any type of food, or occasion. Taking part in our wine and food matching masterclass will enable you to select wines based on their ability to compliment your food, rather than based on their price. Whether you are already a connoisseur or someone who occasionally wants to impress with a sophisticated wine choice, you will no longer have to rely on the sommelier’s recommendation.
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